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What Is FaceTite?

FaceTite is a minimally invasive treatment that can tighten the skin and reduce stubborn fat in smaller facial areas. This handpiece is part of the skin-perfecting, fat-reducing, and body-contouring workstation BodyTite, and it’s specially designed to target facial areas. FaceTite uses radiofrequency energy for soft tissue coagulation and can help patients achieve healthier, younger, and tighter skin and a more contoured appearance after just one treatment.

The device uses technology similar to radiofrequency-assisted liposuction to heat fat cells in different facial areas while also stimulating collagen and elastin production. The entire treatment delivers results without damaging the surrounding tissues and can help patients achieve both aesthetic and aging-related goals.

At Ryze Wellness & MedSpa in Tama, FL, we offer an anti-aging treatment called FaceTite that uses radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin, contour the face, and reduce stubborn fat. It can correct the most common signs of aging and improve facial contours while restoring a youthful appearance during a minimally invasive treatment.

What Are the Treatment Benefits?

One of the primary benefits of this treatment is that it can deliver visible results without requiring that patients undergo a surgical procedure. It’s an effective way for patients to experience some of the benefits of a surgical facelift without planning around significant downtime, a long recovery, or extended discomfort. Other treatment benefits include the following:

  • Treatments are minimally invasive
  • The device can target loose skin and stubborn fat in different facial areas
  • We use local anesthesia before treatments, which promotes optimal patient comfort
  • Any incisions made are tiny, and there’s no post-treatment scarring
  • Patients can expect a quick recovery
  • There’s no significant social downtime

Enhancing Your Results With Combination Treatments

We can enhance your treatment results by combining FaceTite with liposuction and Morpheus8. Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure during which we use a cannula that’s inserted into a tiny incision to suction out stubborn fat cells from the body directly.

Liposuction is the original body contouring procedure that can permanently eliminate stubborn fat cells from virtually anywhere on the face or body. Patients interested in undergoing liposuction to achieve their cosmetic can combine treatment with FaceTite as needed to enhance their results.

Pairing Treatments With Morpheus8

We can also combine this treatment with Morpheus8, a radiofrequency microneedling treatment that uses bipolar fractional RF energy to increase natural collagen and elastin production and tighten the skin. It can address both cosmetic and aging-related concerns, is a minimally invasive treatment, and delivers real results. If you’re interested in adding Morpheus8 treatments to your treatment plan, we can give you more details at your initial consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FaceTite is a new procedure that is comparable to a surgical facelift, without the scars.
FaceTite provides dramatic improvement in skin laxity on the face and neck, which was
previously only attainable through a surgical procedure such as a facelift. FaceTite utilizes
minimally invasive radio-frequency energy to melt fat and tighten skin.

This unique treatment can target stubborn fat and loose skin in different facial areas. We can use it to address the most common signs of aging on the face, including the jawline, jowls, brows, and the under-eye area. We design customized treatment plans for each patient to reverse the natural aging process and help them achieve their aesthetic goals without surgery.

We can also use BodyTite, the body contouring handpiece, in conjunction with this treatment to address different body areas and create a customized treatment plan to help patients achieve body sculpting goals.

The first step in this treatment is the application of a local numbing cream to prevent any discomfort. We’ll make a tiny incision and insert the cannula into the area to liquefy and remove the fat cells. The device has an internal electrode that uses radiofrequency energy to heat the area to help tighten the skin.

Every aspect of the treatment works together to help patients achieve their goals without requiring that they undergo a surgical procedure. The typical treatment takes approximately one hour, but treatment times can vary based on the size and number of areas we treat.

Before the treatment, we’ll begin by numbing the area and then making a tiny incision so we can insert the device into the area and use it to simultaneously heat the tissue to tighten the skin and liquefy and remove stubborn fat to contour different areas of the face and reverse the natural aging process. Once your treatment is over, you can resume most of your normal daily activities, but you will need to follow some post-care instructions.

Caring for Your Skin Post-Treatment

After your treatment is over, you’ll need to follow all of the post-care instructions that we will provide so you know how to promote a quick recovery and rapid healing. You’ll notice results after your treatment, and they’ll continue to improve within the first three to six months post-treatment as your body increases collagen and elastin production.

You’ll need to limit physical activity, sleep in an elevated position, and avoid wearing makeup and using harsh topical products for the first few days so the incision can heal and your skin can recover. It’s also important to avoid alcohol after your treatment to avoid thinning your blood, which can interfere with the healing process.

If you want to improve your appearance, restore your youth, tighten your skin, and target stubborn fat but don’t want to undergo an invasive procedure to do so, you may be the perfect candidate for this treatment.

Patients should be in good health, have healthy skin, and have realistic expectations about the treatment process and the outcome. This treatment won’t replicate a more advanced anti-aging procedure like a facelift, but it will visibly improve the skin and address and correct aging-related concerns.

FaceTite is a minimally-invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia or light sedation.
Post procedure, patients can go home and resume regular activities shortly after. Wearing a
compression garment is required for best results.

Any areas on the face and neck with saggy skin can be treated. This includes the double chin,
jowls and other areas with deep lines and loose skin.

By avoiding an excisional facelift procedure, patients will be scar free and will benefit from
reduced post-procedural swelling and discomfort. This is a less traumatic process with a natural
looking final result.

Results can be seen immediately, with best results noticeable after 6 months, and continuing up
to 12 months.

Experience the Non-Surgical Facelift

If you’re interested in this alternative facelift treatment and want to learn more about FaceTite and our combination treatments that pair well with this anti-aging treatment, we can give you more details at your initial consultation. Our goal is to reverse how aging has affected your appearance, and with a customized treatment plan, we can help you avoid a surgical procedure and address your concerns so that you can look and feel more like your youthful self again.

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