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At Ryze Wellness & MedSpa in Tampa, FL, we know how important vaginal rejuvenation can be for a woman’s health and well-being. As women age, experience childbirth, or undergo hormonal changes, it’s not uncommon to face physical changes that can affect your quality of life and your sexual health. 

FormaV is a non-invasive solution that can address these intimate concerns. Our approach focuses on providing care that can help improve comfort and overall wellness while promoting healthy intimate relationships. We are here to help you determine whether vaginal rejuvenation with FormaV can be a beneficial step in caring for your health.

What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a type of treatment designed to address changes in vaginal health. These changes in women can happen quickly because of pregnancy, childbirth, or hormonal changes, or they can happen over time as the body and tissues age. These treatments can improve the functional aspects and the aesthetics of the vaginal area. Issues like discomfort, dryness, and laxity can be addressed, enhancing overall intimate health.

What Is FormaV?

FormaV is one of our non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation options. This technology gently and effectively uses radiofrequency energy to promote collagen production and enhance tissue elasticity. This process can lead to vaginal tightening, improved moisture levels, and reduced discomfort during intimate encounters.

What Are the Benefits of FormaV?

Enhanced Sexual Function

With FormaV, patients often experience improved sexual function. This treatment revitalizes vaginal tissue, enhancing sensitivity and pleasure. The gentle radiofrequency energy promotes tissue renewal and increased blood flow, which can both support healthy sexual function.

Relief From Urinary Incontinence

FormaV can also be effective at providing relief from urinary incontinence. The treatment can help strengthen the vaginal walls and pelvic floor muscles, contributing to better control over urinary functions. This can be particularly beneficial for women who experience stress urinary incontinence, especially after childbirth or during menopause.

Improved Vaginal Tightness

Vaginal rejuvenation through FormaV notably improves vaginal tightness. The treatment stimulates collagen production, leading to firmer, more youthful vaginal tissue. This tightening effect can restore the vaginal structure to a more youthful state, improving physical comfort and improving sensations during intercourse for both partners. 

Non-Invasive With Minimal Downtime

Unlike surgical alternatives, FormaV offers a non-invasive solution with minimal downtime. Patients appreciate the convenience of undergoing a treatment that doesn’t interrupt their daily lives, allowing them to return to normal activities immediately after the session. This makes vaginal rejuvenation accessible and hassle-free for most of our patients.

The FormaV Treatment Process

Non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation starts with a consultation that helps us tailor the treatment to your goals. The actual treatment involves using the FormaV device wand gently on the targeted area. The vaginal tightening wand applies controlled radiofrequency energy to the area for vaginal tightening and restoration. Insertion of the wand does not hurt, and the treatment is quick and easy.

After the treatment, you can immediately resume your daily routine. To achieve the best results, a series of treatments may be suggested, depending on your individual concerns. We also offer advice on post-treatment care to ensure you feel supported throughout the process.

Why Choose Our FormaV Treatments? 

Choosing our treatments for vaginal rejuvenation means trusting the process to skilled practitioners who care about your comfort and well-being. We stay up to date on all of the latest techniques and use the most advanced technology available, which includes FormaV. We do this so we can give you treatments that are effective and customized for you.

Our patient-centered care is also something that sets us apart. We understand that each patient’s journey toward wellness is personal, and our approach is designed to be as supportive and informative as possible. You can expect a long and personalized consultation where your concerns are heard and addressed with professionalism.

FormaV FAQs

FormaV treatments usually only take around 30 minutes. This can be perfect for women who have busy lifestyles with a career, a family, or both to get back to. You can get these treatments done in a lunch break or any other convenient slot of time and can get right back to your schedule afterward.

Patients usually start with a treatment plan that includes several treatment sessions spaced out over a few months. A common treatment series is three treatments over three months. Once the initial results have been achieved, additional maintenance sessions can be scheduled. Some patients come in every year for a single maintenance treatment to keep vaginal tissues tight, firm, and youthful. These individual treatment plans are determined based on personal goals and physical responses, which can be assessed during consultation and follow-up appointments. 

Results from FormaV treatment are long lasting. However, because of continued aging and other natural processes, skin may become lax again without occasional maintenance sessions. The duration of these results can differ among individuals, influenced by factors such as age, hormonal changes, and overall health.

Take Care of Your Sexual Wellness With FormaV Treatments in Tampa, FL

At Ryze Wellness & MedSpa in Tampa, FL, we don’t want any of our patients to have to deal with vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, or painful intercourse. We have treatments that can help, and we look forward to meeting with you to discuss your options. FormaV is a gentle and comfortable way to achieve vaginal rejuvenation and is the right option for many of our patients. To learn more about this treatment or to schedule your first appointment, you can call us at (813) 353-1268 or contact us through our online form.

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